Srikanth Natarajan is an experienced technology leader in the IT Operations Management software industry and a Micro Focus Fellow and CTO for the ITOM Product Group, and a former HP Distinguished Technologist.  He has engineered many successful products, led multiple architectural transformations of products, and most recently, transformed a major product portfolio into a modern containerized/cloud native architecture.  He has also been responsible for the recent market introduction of the OPTIC Data Lake from Micro Focus.  He has been granted over 20 patents for his contributions to various inventions.  He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Srikanth Natarajan

Micro Focus Fellow and CTO for the ITOM Product Group

Why Micro Focus Chose Pulsar for Data Ingestion

Thu Jun 17, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM, PT

Modern IT and application environments are increasingly complex, transitioning to cloud, and large in scale. The managed resources, services and applications in these environments generate tremendous data that needs to be observed, consumed and analyzed in real time (or later) by management tools to create insights and to drive operational actions and decisions. 


In this talk, Srikanth Natarajan will share Micro Focus’ adoption story of Pulsar, including the experience in consuming from and contributing to Apache Pulsar, the lessons learned, and the help that Micro Focus received from a development support partner in their Pulsar journey.