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Madhavan Narayanan

Principal Engineer @ Intuit
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Sajith Sebastian

Principal Engineer @ Intuit
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Amit Kaushal

Staff Engineer @ Intuit
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Gokul Sarangapani

Engineering Manager @ Intuit

We are part of the Messaging platform at Intuit. Our main work focuses on enabling highly distributed platforms at scale in Intuit.

Building the Next-Generation Messaging Platform on Pulsar at Intuit

Thu Jun 17, 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM, PT

Intuit operates a highly distributed, multi-cluster, multi-region messaging platform to serve the queuing use-cases of its applications and services. In this session we will talk about the journey of our messaging platform in the world of Apache Pulsar and share the experiences and learnings gained so far. As we adopted Pulsar for our next generation platform and adapted it for Intuit specific requirements, we faced and solved some intrinsic challenges that we would be happy to share and get feedback. This journey has just begun and we would like to learn and absorb recommended best practices and guidelines.