Sijie Guo is the co-founder and CEO of StreamNative, which provides a cloud-native event streaming platform powered by Apache Pulsar. Sijie has worked on messaging and streaming data technologies for more than a decade. Prior to StreamNative, Sijie cofounded Streamlio, a company focused on real-time solutions. At Twitter, Sijie was the tech lead for the messaging infrastructure group, where he co-created DistributedLog and Twitter EventBus. Prior to that, he worked on the push notification infrastructure at Yahoo!, where he was one of the original developers of BookKeeper and Pulsar. He is also the VP of Apache BookKeeper and PMC member of Apache Pulsar. 


Sijie Guo

Co-Founder and CEO @ StreamNative

Matteo Merli

Apache Pulsar PMC Chair and CTO @ StreamNative

Matteo Merli is the PMC Chair of Apache Pulsar and CTO at StreamNative. He is co-creator of Pulsar while at Yahoo!, co-founder of Streamlio, Committer and PMC of Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper. He works for The Apache Software Foundation for 4+ years, and has rich experience in distributed pub-sub messaging platform.

Apache Pulsar: Why Unified Messaging and Streaming Is the Future

Wed Jun 16, 8:30 AM - 9:20 AM, PT

Data insights and data-driven strategies create the competitive differentiators companies thrive off today. The need for unified messaging and streaming has never been more apparent. 


Pulsar started with the goal of building a global, geo-replicated infrastructure to serve Yahoo!’s messaging needs. With the increased need to process both business events (such as payment request, billing request) and operational events (such as log data, click events, etc), the team at Yahoo! set out to build a true unified infrastructure platform to handle all in-motion data. That technology became Apache Pulsar.


In this talk, Matteo Merli and Sijie Guo will dive into the landscape of unified messaging and streaming, how Pulsar helps companies achieve this vision, and what the future of Pulsar will look like.