Brian Olsen, Developer Advocate @ Starburst

Brian is a U.S. Marine turned software engineer and developer advocate working to foster the open-source Trino community. Brian spent four years as a data engineer at a cybersecurity company working on pipeline maintenance and query optimization. While in this role, Brian was responsible for maintaining data pipelines and migrations to include replacing some legacy data warehousing systems to use open-source Trino. Brian is a published author in ACM and IEEE geospatial database conferences.

Trino: A Ludicrously Fast Query Engine

Thur Jun 17, 12:30 PM - 1:05 PM, PT

You may be familiar with the Presto plugin used to run fast interactive queries over Pulsar using ANSI SQL and can be joined with other data sources. This plugin will soon get a rename to align with the rename of the PrestoSQL project to Trino. What is the purpose of this rename and what does it mean for those using the Presto plugin? We cover the history of the community shift from PrestoDB to PrestoSQL, as well as, the future plans for the Pulsar community to donate this plugin to the Trino project. One of the connector maintainers will then demo the connector and show what is possible when using Trino and Pulsar!