David Kjerrumgaard, Principal Software Engineer @ Splunk and Author of "Pulsar in Action" by Manning Press

David is the author of “Pulsar in Action” and also a Principal Software Engineer on Splunk’s messaging team that is responsible for Splunk’s internal Pulsar-as-a-Service platform Prior to Splunk, he was the Director of Solution Architecture at Streamlio where he was responsible for the development of best practices and solutions based on Apache Pulsar.

Real-Time Machine Learning with Pulsar Functions

Thur Jun 17, 2:00 PM - 2:35 PM, PT

In this talk I will present a technique for deploying machine learning models to provide real-time predictions using Apache Pulsar Functions. In order to provide a prediction in real-time, the model usually receives a single data point from the caller, and is expected to provide an accurate prediction within a few milliseconds. 

Throughout this talk, I will demonstrate the steps required to deploy a fully-trained ML that predicts the delivery time for a food delivery service based upon real-time traffic information, the customer's location, and the restaurant that will be fulfilling the order.