Kirill Merkushev, Head of Backend @ Vivy

Developing enterprise level applications at high scale with modern tech stuff using Java more than 10 years. Started as an automation engineer at Yandex (Russian tech giant) moved forward as a team leader, senior backend developer and later as a Head of Backend at healthtech startup in Berlin. Open source adept - trying to help with a lot of projects around - like or liiklus. Aside from Java, knows JS, Go and a bit python which helps a lot in everyday work.

Pulsar in a Healthtech: Heart of the Event Sourced System

Wed Jun 16, 1:00 PM - 1:35 PM, PT

Event Sourcing allows us to quickly introduce and test different features, without much worry about migrations events allow to recreate any db, however our path for full adoption of Pulsar wasn't easy. This session would cover:
- Migration from Kafka - how a small event-gateway helped with that (called liiklus)
- Deployment via CloudFormation in aws - what you shouldn't do same way as we did (like put everything into userdata)
- GDPR compliance - story on how do we clean the data (how to transparently offload sensitive data somewhere)
- Unobvious things we faced storing the offset separated from Pulsar (like what happens if you use a shared subscription by a mistake)