Gilles Barbier, Creator of Infinitic Orchestration Engine

Gilles has a varied career, having been a researcher in the nuclear industry, a strategy consultant, a CTO in the telematics industry. He is now part of the scientific council of INRIA and has founded several startups in the last 15 years, including Zenaton and now Infinitic. Today Gilles is passionate about automation and workflow engines and how they can greatly ease the implementation of complex and scalable backends.

Infinitic: Building a Workflow Engine on Top of Pulsar

Thur Jun 17, 11:00 AM - 11:35 AM, PT

Infinitic is a free-to-use, source-available event-driven workflow engine built on top of Pulsar. Implementing a "workflow as code" pattern, Infinitic lets you write your distributed applications as if you were coding for a single infallible machine. It proposes a fault-tolerant stateful programming model that removes most of the complexities of building and orchestrating a distributed system.

Infinitic makes intensive use of Pulsar features: functions, transactions, schema registry, subscription types, sinks, connectors. During this talk, I will showcase Infinitic capabilities and explain its architecture based on Pulsar.