Devin Bost, Senior Data Engineer @

With over 10 years of experience in the software industry, Devin has developed software in over 15 different languages. Between his experience of performing data migrations, applying vector calculus for ML, and building enterprise applications, he learned the critical role of data in opening doors of insight into novel market opportunities. He also observed many companies architect their software with the mindset of “we’ll figure out the data later,” only to code themselves into life-threatening dead-ends. These observations fueled his interest in context-rich stream-based architectures like Kappa that thrive on live data capture and real-time analysis for instant value-creation.

How to Introduce Pulsar into Your Organization (Successfully)

Wed Jun 16, 12:15 PM - 12:50 PM, PT

The data landscape today is rapidly evolving, and many companies are way behind. Organizational politics can suck the life out of initiatives intended to solve the underlying data problems to improve business agility. Yet, there must be a way to combat these issues and find a way to introduce a transformative technology like Apache Pulsar.
In this talk, we will cover strategies around how you can introduce this technology into your organization in a cost effective way that will quickly demonstrate value and enable rapid iteration to improve your productivity. Inspired by real world success, we will teach you how to maximize value, minimize costs, and leverage technologies like Kubernetes to reduce your time to production.