Zirui Peng, Software Engineer @ Tencent

zirui peng, software engineer at Tencent big data group, focused on message queue and big data platform. Recently putting efforts on apache pulsar and the incubation of apache Inlong, also working on the construction of Tencent big data platform.

How Tencent Applies Apache Pulsar to Apache InLong —— A Streaming Data Integration Platform

Wed Jun 16, 1:45 PM - 2:20 PM, PT

As the largest provider of Internet products and services in China, Tencent serves billions of users across the world. Such huge number of users has brought unprecedented value to the big data generated.

Serves as the front line of Tencent Big Data, Apache InLong is a one-stop streaming data integration solution which is mainly responsible for data collection, distribution, preprocessing and management.

Apache InLong choose pulsar as its data middleware for its high reliability and other capabilities like multi-tenancy, read-write separation, cross-regional replication and flexible fault tolerance.

Tencent Big Data Team will share their journal of adopting Pulsar in their core data engine to process tens of billions of data integration. Besides, some problems they encountered during the process and the improvements on pulsar they have made will also be shared as an example for future Pulsar users.