Enrico Olivelli, Apache BookKeeper PMC Member, Apache Pulsar Committer, and DataStax Pulsar Team

Enrico Olivelli is a PMC member of Apache ZooKeeper and Apache BookKeeper projects. He is committer in Apache Pulsar and Apache Maven. He is also the PMC Chair of Apache Curator.

Distributed Tests on Pulsar with Fallout

Thur Jun 17, 1:15 PM - 1:50 PM, PT

Fallout is an open source testing framework based on Jepsen. In this talk we will see how distributed testing works and how to use these tools to verify Pulsar quality. We will see how we can easily deploy a reproducible Pulsar cluster on K8S and how to use ChaosMesh to inject failures. We will also cover integrated metrics reporting tools, very useful to verify the behaviour of the system for any Pulsar version, system environment and especially during maintenance operations (rollout restarts/upgrades) and unexpected failures .