Liping Zhao, Senior Software Engineer @ Tencent

Liping Zhao is the architect and MQ team leader of Tencent Game Real-time big data service responsible for upgrading and optimizations of real-time computing service architecture, which deals with a vast number of service traffics. Before joining Tencent, she got her master's degree from the Renmin University of China.

Apache Pulsar at Tencent Game: Adoption, Operational Quality Optimization Experience, and Future

Thur Jun 17, 2:00 PM - 2:35 PM, PT

After nearly 10 years of development of Tencent Game big data, the daily data transmission volume can reach 1.7 trillion. As the key component of the big data platform, the MQ system is critical to provide real-time service operational quality assurance, which requires the support of various applications such as real-time game operational service, real-time index data analysis, and real-time personalized recommendation. With the fast growth of the gaming business and the continuous expansion of data, the challenge of real-time service operational quality assurance is also increasing.

In this presentation, We will introduce the development history of Tencent Game big data technology and our practical experience of operational service quality optimization for Apache Pulsar in Tencent Game real-time service scenarios.