Prashant Kumar, Principal Software Engineer @ Splunk

Prashant Kumar is Principal Software Developer at Splunk. Prior to that he was Principal Software Developer at Yahoo/Verizon Media. Where he was one of the biggest contributors of Sherpa. Which is a durable geographically replicated multi-tenant NoSQL database, designed to address storage and serving needs for Yahoo! Products.

Apache BookKeeper State Store: A Durable Key-Value Store

Thur Jun 17, 10:15 AM - 10:50 AM, PT

Apache Pulsar is used for various streaming use cases. There is a strong requirement for storing checkpoints while processing the stream in Pulsar Functions, so that in case of any interruption stream processing engine could go back to the last checkpoint.

Pulsar uses Zookeeper not only for leader elections or service discovery like critical use cases but also for storing various metadata which puts unnecessary load on zookeeper which hampers mission critical use of Zookeeper.

A durable key value store based off of the Apache Pulsar ecosystem addresses the above mentioned use cases nicely.

This talk focuses on taking existing Apache Bookkeeper Table Service/State store implementation and taking it to production. Furthermore this talk also touches upon contributing all the features, bug fixes, tools and other improvements back to open source.